I hope the following may help you in some way for establishing your own Yoga self-practice at home.

“Practice and all is coming.”
— Sri. K. 
Pattabhi Jois

Why Practice?

We can think of our Yoga practice, or in fact any practice – Meditation, Self-Inquiry – as a form of spiritual discipline. It’s not necessary to know the Self… or to be free in fact… but it can aid in directing the flow of energy so that you are more open and can rest in the heart. As we reside in the heart, naturally our minds are quieter (or disappear completely) and we are more receptive to life.

Tips on Self Practice:

  • Start small. There’s no rule book that says you have to go from a weekly class to practicing every day for two hours! Perhaps start with a daily sun salutation only and gradually build up your self-practice as it feels right for you.
  • Establish consistency. On days when you don’t feel like it (and there will be plenty), get up anyway… even if it is to sit on your mat and breathe. You’ll be glad you did. 
  • Find your own flow. A great gift in Yoga is that we become finely tuned to our own inner wisdom… trust it and be curious about what it reveals to you.
  • Drop the guilt. If you miss a practice one day, don’t waste time on guilt and give it to your Mind. Relax. Remember what Yoga is… union… breathing… You ARE Yoga itself.
  • Be flexible. Sometimes we become focused on creating a flexible body and the irony is we can lose our flexible mind and become very rigid about Yoga! The mind also needs to be flexible. Keep an open mind… be willing and open to respond to the moment.
  • Laugh. Don’t take Yoga so seriously!! 
  • Remember there is no-one to impress. It’s you and the mat.
  • Each self-practice is a fresh moment. Do not compare to yesterday or think about tomorrow. Be here. 
  • Practice humility. Don’t let the Ego take hold of your practice by showering you with praise one moment and then berating and judging your practice the next! Surrender. Let go. Stay humble. Remain in a neutral space of not knowing.  
  • Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Take the breath into your day… let the background silence, the space between the breaths, be your ever present awareness.
  • Allow Yoga to become a way of Life. Live and breathe Yoga in your day to day life so Yoga moves from “something you do” to a way of Being.

I wish you a beautiful self-practice.

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