99% Practice, 1% Theory — Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Why Practice Yoga?

Perhaps you are curious about Yoga or thinking about joining a yoga class or private session for the first time. Maybe you have some ideas about what yoga is or perhaps even some doubts about what this ancient practice is REALLY about! In simple language, Yoga is a practice that you do for yourself – it’s in many ways a coming “home” to who you really are – that sense of Self who is already free and at peace.

Yoga welcomes you home.  It is an invitation for you to invest a small amount of time and dedication and in return, it will reward you endlessly. It offers you an experience for your whole being unlike forms of fitness which are pre-occupied with improving the appearance or condition of the body. In contrast, Yoga helps to free you from the idea of the body (and mind).  It does not care how old you are, what condition your physical body may be in (or what it looks like) or what labels you may carry around in daily life (Mum, husband, CEO etc). It’s a letting go of all of that and reconnecting to a moment in life which remembers this sacred union.

In today’s modern world, where many people are busy, stressed, overworked or continuously “doing”… Yoga offers a unique opportunity to step out of all of that. We perform asanas (yoga postures) utilizing the power of prana (our breath) to ultimately remember and reconnect to who we really are.

Benefits of Yoga:

The practice of Yoga brings the following benefits:

  • increases flexibility, in body and mind
  • calms the mind, so you can move through your day feeling serene, relaxed and at peace
  • opens the heart, allowing more love to be expressed in your life
  • strengthens, tones and gently stretches the body
  • releases old tension, energy and stress
  • expands your awareness of yourself and the world around you
  • helps you to feel centred
  • connects you to a feeling of freedom, natural joy and “all is well

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