The “I” wants to be known, recognized, appreciated and seen,

The Being does not.

The “I” likes to collect a lot of labels – author, teacher, international best selling…., founder, owner, creator etc,

The Being couldn’t care less.

The “I” loves to be praised, admired, adored and pampered,

The Being seeks nothing.

The “I” swings between polarities – good/bad, right/wrong, love/hate, positive/negative, success/failure…,

The Being is stable in its seeing.

The “I” feels separate and confused,

The Being is one.

The “I” lives in time – past, present, future

The Being is timeless.

The “I” loves to satisfy itself and indulge with the senses,

The Being sees beyond senses.

The “I” seeks to know,

The Being is infinite intelligence.

The “I” seeks freedom,

The Being is.

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