The following are things that have inspired me or made me laugh over the years. We all have days when we need to be uplifted or to transport ourselves to another dimension…

Enjoy ♥

  • A wonderful Coach in London (Thank you Tony) introduced me to Benjamin Zander and “The Art of Possibility”. This is a beautiful clip on “The Transformative Power of Classical Music” and about his passion for it. Watch the video here.
  • Just because I love Tibet and Tibetan people. I feel like this video transports me to another place.
  • The King and the Cleaning Boy story. I LOVE this. This beautiful story reminds us of our innocence and that which is beyond all the distractions that life offers. “The King enjoys all these things… but in this place, he’s untouched. He leaves everything. They don’t matter.” This is my favourite place. Yes.
  • Simply brilliant. Quotes from Swifty Flame Anderson from the Happy Cow tribe.
  • The Laughing Buddha! One man’s experience of the Cosmic Joke and realising the truth of who he is. Does your mind judge him? Or do you laugh with him?!
  • One of my favourite songs ever by the beautiful Omkara. When I forget who I am, I play this song.
  • The Gayatri Mantra being chanted around the world by the divine Deva Premal. Beautiful locations here.
  • A new musical in the making… Check out the gorgeous Dusty & MiKey of Dust of Soul here. DREAM. Don’t stop in between.
  • A fresh and lighter look at therapy! Just STOP IT!
  • Solutions to our perceived problems are often simple… start with Radical Honesty and tell the truth.
  • A great TED talk on The Power of Introverts. Don’t underestimate people who live quietly.
  • We can learn a lot from young people. Jacob inspires me!
  • I’ve been to see Andrea Bocelli twice and he moves me to tears every time. Amazing presence and such a divine voice.
  • The brilliant Jessie J singing Who You Are in New York.
  • Shadow Theatre Group… telling powerful stories with music and theatre.

and here is a challenge for you!

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