I currently offer Private Meditation sessions only.

If you are interested in learning more about meditation, or starting a meditation practice please contact Kristina directly. Click here to view books/resources on Meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an opportunity to dive into your true nature – Pure Being itself.

  • The simple act of sitting.
  • No special technique.
  • Not trying to get anywhere… to achieve anything (including relaxation or peace).
  • To simply BE.



Meditation vs Concentration

True Meditation is not a form of concentration.

Many meditation styles and techniques are actually offering another form of concentration or means to control what “is”. For example, attempting to control thoughts by the use of a Mantra, chanting, visualization techniques or some other special strategy to control the Mind. This is exactly what Meditation is not! True Meditation allows and accepts everything to be as it is, without trying to influence or change it in any way. It is a surrender to what is… a dropping of techniques and strategies so you can come to a place of real rest.

“Whatever comes, let it come

Whatever goes, let it go

Whatever stays, let it stay”

— Papaji

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