Thank you

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I am truly grateful to the many teachers who have guided me in life and in navigating the waters of the spiritual journey!

  • Thank you to everyone who I’ve had/have the pleasure of working with or doing Yoga together and especially to the “students” who are always my teachers.
  • I am very grateful to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system – a wonderful tool for reminding me that it really is 99% practice and 1% theory! It brings self discipline and a strong sense of grounding to my life. Thank you Dimi for first igniting this love of Ashtanga in me and to all the other Yogis I’ve had the pleasure to meet.
  • Thank you to beloved Silvan, who lights up my world with his serene presence and for always being in Satsang with me. Love.
  • Thank you to my wonderful family for their patience, support, love and laughing with me at times!
  • Special thanks to the divine souls who have inspired me and continue to inspire me – from wonderful teachers to everyday people. Thank you for your beautiful presence and work in the world. You know who you are!

And to beloved Mooji. No words could possibly convey the depth of love and appreciation for your being. I love you and remain eternally grateful.

me and mooji


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