Walking in Freedom

There’s a strange, inner world change that happens and unfolds when freedom leads the way in life.

There’s no longer a “you” busy trying to control outcomes and dictate the river’s flow. You’re simply here …watching it flow… enjoying the ride.

Whatever comes, you know it’s no problem… you have an unfathomable trust and faith in what IS.

You’re open … you say Yes and No more. It becomes crystal clear what’s really important and where your true joy lies.

Peace and freedom are no longer concepts you try to keep and hold onto…rather you become their very essence…

No matter what comes, there’s a deep inner peace.

No matter where you, you’re entirely free.

You’re free of even the idea of needing to be free… this thought vanishes from your being. You’re always free. Always was. Always will be.

You wonder how you could ever have got so confused and made it all so hard! You smile and laugh… and from this, you have a natural compassion which arises from the heart.

You live quietly…simply… you no longer carry around things you need to do to get THIS… it’s simply always here. Where could it ever go?!

There’s nothing to figure out… or master… or even do. The doing happens naturally, spontaneously. You find you’re watching everything with a quiet smile of serenity.

There’s also nothing to undo. There’s no need to get rid of anything, including fear and pain and unhappiness… these concepts disappear from your Being… so too do the practices, tools, methodologies and processes.

You say thank you a lot. You thank everyone, life, nature… silently, graciously.

You appreciate the diversity…of people, cultures, personalities, difficulties, hardships, joyful moments… they’re all seen with the same eyes… they become one because they are one.

You don’t care what people think. You’re not evaluating others… or comparing… or judging. You don’t see yourself as better or worse… nothing is wrong or right… because you realise you see with the heart now, not with the mind.

Your relationships change… your friendships flourish in their true freedom. You have no requirements of anyone – your friends, your work colleagues, your partner, your children… you let everyone be as they are.

Your commitment to Truth, to Freedom underlies everything but it softens… it’s an inner glow that lights the way, rather than a club of freedom seekers.

You savor the moment… any moment and every moment. You no longer waste energy trying to get somewhere… create something…

Creation happens. Life flows. But you’re not in charge.

You lighten up about everything… you might still practice Yoga or Meditation but there’s a lightness about it… you laugh more… you see it as an expression of joy… it’s no longer a practice to get somewhere.

You’re not interested in your body … your thoughts… or things. Appreciation is here… a celebration of Life is here… you know, like everything in life, it all comes and goes.

You don’t chase life for anything – knowledge, love, mastery, wisdom, joy… you’re totally present to what’s right in front of you.

You don’t need to rehearse anything… because you know deep in your Being that you are everything… all the wisdom in the Universe, all the love, peace, intelligence and beauty there is. You’re it.

You don’t have a need to share anything with anyone… yet you find yourself sometimes sharing small words here and there… they arise like a fountain, deep from your Being… as if something knows it needed to be expressed in the moment. And then just as quickly, it disappears back from where it came. You don’t hold on to anything. You don’t try to “be” anyone or anything.

Perhaps the most subtle, yet significant change is that you can’t really find your Mind anymore… you move with the grace of the heart.

You observe that everything is functioning rather beautifully, but it’s not of your doing.

Life moves, money comes and goes as it needs to… ideas flow… wisdom is shared as it is appropriate… love blossoms.

The heart guides the way… and you find yourself walking in freedom.

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