The Carrot and the Donkey

There’s this wonderful idiom about the carrot and the stick … or I like to refer to it as the carrot and the donkey story.

It’s the story of a boy sitting on a cart which is being pulled by a donkey. The boy dangles a carrot in front of the donkey, but it’s just outside of its reach. As the donkey moves forward to get the carrot…the cart moves and so does the carrot, so it remains forever beyond his grasp!

It’s rather like the path of Enlightenment.

The “carrot” is always dangling there (to the Mind’s perception anyway) and it seems soooo close, but forever out of reach!

The “carrot” also shows up in other ways… as the symbol of some attainment, reward or goal at the end of a long and dedicated, often arduous path.

Yoga and Meditation practice can often appear in this form of a “carrot”.

I’ve met many people who replace their career drive with a yoga or spiritual drive… how a reward of pay, bonuses or “success”… gets immediately transferred to the spiritual path or onto the yoga mat. I know because I did it myself.

Yoga and Meditation … enlightenment… spiritual seeking … was a path of continually moving towards “something”. If you asked me, I honestly don’t know what this “something” I was looking for was! I had plenty of phenomena experiences… so the Mind was convinced it wasn’t that… but still, there was this other “something” that the Mind thought I hadn’t attained… and so the “carrot”of “something” turned me into the donkey and a bit of an ass actually.

When you simply drop this “carrot” of “something” … whatever it is for you… whatever story you created in your Mind about what Yoga, meditation or enlightenment will bring you… you wake up. Sharply. Swiftly.

Then life becomes ordinary and beautifully simple.

Look at your “carrot” of “something” and simply realise… I created this.

AND I can drop it in an instant. Right now.

That’s it! That’s all you need to do.

That’s all you ever needed to do.

Truthfully, it’s not even a doing… it’s an un-doing and leaves you with what is, was and always will be.

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