Nothing Needs Changing

“What about the poor people?” they said.

“What about the environment?” they ask.

What about the Yoga / Love / Freedom … revolution?  they wanted everyone to join.

“What about everyone living happy and free?” they envisioned.

(at only 25.97 per month!) Let ME show YOU how you can be financially, emotionally, spiritually free…?!


What about nothing?!

What about simply This?

The invitation to awaken is ever present and the mirror always reflects straight back to your Self.

There is no-one that needs saving because there is only One.

Life is full of witty paradoxes…

I’m reminded of a wonderful quote from Swifty Flame Anderson (smiling at his name and goofiness)

but goofy aside, this man is no fool.

“The Cosmic Irony is that once you reach the level of consciousness at which you actually have any power to change your world, you will simultaneously realise that nothing needs changing at all. Like all the best jokes, this one makes you laugh out loud.”

— Swifty Flame-Anderson

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