There’s a very simple solution to living a stress-free and happy life…

Be happy and accept what is.

A stressful life is one where you continuously try to control the moment. This has the appearance of trying to push things away or alternatively try to force things into your experience. It’s like you forever swing between two ends of this pendulum. It’s a very “busy” way of living…  and it’s ultimately exhausting. You find you’re never still enough to be content with what you did push away or manage to force in… because of course there’s always the next moment to control.

And on it goes.

It’s an incredibly stressful way to live because life somehow never meets up to the expectations created in the Mind. As a result, you’re trying a lot of things… you’re working hard at everything… you’re asking people for solutions… you’re trying to learn more, know more, be more, succeed more … there’s so much to do!!

Eventually, if you’re lucky, you will tire of this way of living and you’ll ask yourself – there has to be another way?!

There is.

If you truly stop…

stop rushing to get to the next moment…

stop trying to control this moment…

you will come to the quiet realization … you’re just here. This moment is what it is.

Everything pauses as you let it be what it is.

Without control, without force, without effort… it’s so quiet and peaceful that you can finally relax.

What’s more, in this realization, as all effort falls away, freedom comes to quietly kiss you.

In an instant, there is nothing to do. There was never anything to do.


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