“If you’re looking for Freedom, stop and you will find it.” — Anon


There will come a time in life for everyone, when the prayer will arise:

I want to be free.

It may be after endless searching and striving or wearing yourself out on some spiritual path!

Perhaps it arises after years of family responsibilities and raising children,

Or after spending a lifetime working to create a “life” and coming to realise that what you were really seeking was love, a sense of approval and to feel like you “arrived”.

For others it will arise after all the money has been made and all the goals have been pursued and you realise it still doesn’t bring you the peace or happiness you were seeking.

Or maybe someone you love dies or your physical existence comes into question…

the prayer will arise:

I just want to be free.

This deep and familiar longing to know your true nature… to question who you really are and for once in your life to stop and consider the question. Who am I?

Who am I really? Beyond labels, roles, identities and conditioning.

Who am I?

This is an invitation to dive into the unknown.

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