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This … and everything else

by Kristina Hart on 5 May 2014

This. What else? Life becomes incredibly simple. Laughably simple. Beyond simple itself. This. These words keep appearing on the page… it’s all that wants to be written. What else could there possibly be to say?! How funny! Each moment. This. and This. and This! A joyous laughter bubbles up… how funny, how ridiculously sweet and… Continue reading

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Downward Dog… I mean dogs

by Kristina Hart on 8 March 2014

Tips (Adho Mukha Svanasana) Here are some tips for Downward Dog. I was practicing on holiday last Summer and had some fluffy friends join me…! Think of downward dog as the inverted V. Lift the sit bones towards the ceiling. Keep the shoulders square and wide. A common assist in Downward Dog is to keep… Continue reading

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The Gift of Ujjayi

by Kristina Hart on 20 January 2014

Would you like to have more energy, rising and shining at 5am (if you wanted to)?! How would it feel to have a serene and calm mind? Or are you pregnant and looking for a great tool to use during your labour? Ujjayi breathing is the greatest gift I have received from Yoga – from… Continue reading

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Poses for Opening the Hips

by Kristina Hart on 25 November 2013

As we approach Winter and our bodies move into hibernation mode, it’s an ideal time to sit longer in poses, allowing our bodies to naturally let go of things that no longer serve us. Here are some Tips for Opening those Hips! Ankle to Knee posture (This posture is also the key to unlocking your… Continue reading

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