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by Kristina Hart on 8 March 2014

This When mastering a Yoga pose… This When the body is injured… This When the mind is still… This When the mind is crazy… This When businesses succeed… This When businesses fail… This When people you love die… This When feeling extreme joy… This When experiencing delusion… This When enlightenment or bliss is here…This When… Continue reading

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Be Your Own Teacher

by Kristina Hart on 4 November 2013

One of the things I noticed over the years of sitting with many teachers is that the best “teachers” were the ones who didn’t think they were here to teach AND they always pointed me back to me… guiding me to find my own answers and recognise my own innate intelligence. This teaching, if you… Continue reading

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Life over Lifestyle and Other Lessons

by Kristina Hart on 28 October 2013

Have you ever wanted to take some time out, just for you, to enjoy life, pursue other creative interests or spend quality time with your family? For many people the answer is Yes. But what has fascinated me for years is that what people WANT to do and what they ACTUALLY do is often totally… Continue reading

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Divine Will vs Your Will!

by Kristina Hart on 25 September 2013

A martial arts student went to a teacher and declared he wanted to learn the system, he was devoted and ready. How long would it take? The teacher replied: “Ten years.” The student, a bit impatient and not satisfied with the answer went ahead and said: But I want to master it faster than that, I will… Continue reading

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