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Keeping up with you

by Kristina Hart on 22 July 2013

Summer is here! I just returned from a lovely week in France and Italy – definitely one of the beautiful benefits of living in central Europe and having access to so many different cultures, ways of living and being. I’ve always enjoyed travelling, experiencing new perspectives and getting away from my “normal” life (whatever that… Continue reading

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Yogi Tips – Crow Posture (Bakasana)

by Kristina Hart on 22 July 2013

Are you having trouble doing the Crow posture? Tips: Spread the fingers, creating space between the fingers. This gives you maximum contact with the mat! Lift the chin and head UP and look straight ahead. This makes such a difference. I’ve had students come to class who have never been able to do Crow and this one… Continue reading

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Yogi Tips – Beyond the Body

by Kristina Hart on 4 July 2013

  How often in Yoga do you place attention on the Body?  If you’re like most people, all of your attention is on the Body! If you’re not focusing on the tension, then perhaps you are looking at your feet (and maybe thinking about how you need a pedicure (!)) or you start noticing the… Continue reading

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Drop the Details

by Kristina Hart on 1 July 2013

Are you appreciating the vastness of the wider picture or getting stuck in the dreaded details? This week, we’re focusing on the wider view and letting go of the details. Ahhhh… let’s chill into that! Here it is sunny and warm. The birds are chirping, there’s a soft breeze and I can hear my partner,… Continue reading

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