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An Undefined Existence

by Kristina Hart on 23 November 2012

We are undefined, limitless possibility. It is the personality that seeks definition. A box.  Maybe a “good” box vs a “not so good” box but a box nevertheless. Ahhhh I am safe in this box, it says. I know this box. It is sometimes very subtle how this box appears. Without identification with yourself as… Continue reading

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The Gift of Experience

by Kristina Hart on 20 November 2012

We live in a world full of knowledge and information overload. It’s fast becoming the disease of society.  So many books. So many opinions. So many different points of view and “Truths” and that’s all they are – perspectives from one individual’s point of view. After years of buying the books, thinking about things, asking… Continue reading

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by Kristina Hart on 20 November 2012

    Appreciation Appreciating what’s here in this moment. Nothing in particular. Just this. The ability to appreciate. To remember. To pause and say thank you. Thank you for nothing.

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Crazy Ideas

by Kristina Hart on 12 November 2012

I felt drawn to share this story… I was flying back from Switzerland one weekend when an English man standing next to me in the security queue was having his cheese taken off him! We both chuckled about how ridiculous it was (after all, this is the land of cheese)!  Later, by “coincidence” I ended… Continue reading

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