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Do you trust life?

by Kristina Hart on 15 January 2014

Do you trust Life? When everything in your life is going wrong When you feel lost or confused When you’re not getting what you want Do you trust Life? When you can’t figure it all out When you don’t know anymore When you can’t tell between intuition and Mind When you don’t know what to… Continue reading

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Beyond Polarities

by Kristina Hart on 10 January 2014

Love, Hate Spiritual, Not Spiritual Happy, Sad Pleasure, Pain Successful, Failure Money, No Money Good, Bad Free, Not free Rich, Poor What are your polarities? The tendency to polarize happens when we strongly identify with an aspect of so called “reality” as opposed to seeing the wider magnificence of life itself. Sometimes the polarity will fool… Continue reading

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Happy New Moment

by Kristina Hart on 6 January 2014

2014… January… Today…. This moment… I trust this reaches you well and like to wish you a Happy New Moment! It now seems a long time ago that I set resolutions or pondered about the start of a New Year again, setting Visions and so on. Now it’s all really mixed into one moment, as… Continue reading

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Poses for Opening the Hips

by Kristina Hart on 25 November 2013

As we approach Winter and our bodies move into hibernation mode, it’s an ideal time to sit longer in poses, allowing our bodies to naturally let go of things that no longer serve us. Here are some Tips for Opening those Hips! Ankle to Knee posture (This posture is also the key to unlocking your… Continue reading

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