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You are Love

by Kristina Hart on 2 April 2013

I was sharing with a friend recently about love and relationships – often a hot topic for many people!   Relationships are great Teachers. I’m inclined to say, they are your greatest Guru. No need to go to India then ūüôā But what if you don’t have a relationship?     What we seek in… Continue reading

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Be Fresh

by Kristina Hart on 1 April 2013

  Often, we¬†move through life with a very heavy personal identity. Some people might call it the Ego.¬†Others may not call it anything yet they are totally identified with: who they appear to be (e.g: I am John) what they appear to do (e.g: I am a Teacher) the relationship they are in (e.g: I’m… Continue reading

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Life Needs No Purpose

by Kristina Hart on 26 March 2013

    There is a lot of noise out there in the world about “What is my purpose?” and “I must have a purpose here on earth!” Oh really? Who needs this? Life needs no purpose. A purpose is a concept sought after by a person who needs to feel special or important, do something… Continue reading

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Why am I not getting what I want?

by Kristina Hart on 24 March 2013

People often come to Coaching because they’re not getting what they want out of life.¬†Very often, their focus is on a perceived future that they believe is better and will make them feel better than where they are in the here and now! Quite simply, they are overlooking the beauty and completeness¬†of the now.¬†This often… Continue reading

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