This … and everything else


What else?

Life becomes incredibly simple. Laughably simple. Beyond simple itself.

This. These words keep appearing on the page… it’s all that wants to be written. What else could there possibly be to say?! How funny!

Each moment. This. and This. and This! A joyous laughter bubbles up… how funny, how ridiculously sweet and at times, terrible, this life is!

So many things just go up in smoke … it’s such a relief!

Fascinated only with what appears in front of me… how the body moves…how the Being expresses itself… I’ve no idea… it happens on its own.


Nobody can sell it to me. Nobody can tell me their theories about it. Nobody can call it anything. It’s so pure. Thank God.

It’s so intimately here… so personal yet impersonal. It’s your own unique experience unfolding just for you. As Adyashanti says… walking in your own shoes. Noone else can do it for you. Thank God.

I’m so curious to what it reveals. Every moment. It’s so amazing. To stop and notice! WOW! What an amazing world, planet, Universe this is. Wow. Wow. Wow! Look at what’s happening now! How did that happen?!

I’m moving my body to teach Yoga… I teach differently. I’ve no idea what will unfold. It happens on its own.

I’m sitting at work… I know who I am, or rather who I am not. I find a quote… something about “when you know who you are, you don’t care what other people think of you.” It makes me smile. Freedom. Work could come. Work could go. You could pay me or call me whatever you like. It makes no difference. I know who I am.

I’ve no interest in most things… yet in a strange kindof paradox, interested in it all at the same time! It’s so fascinating this divine play.

I see revolutions popping up every week… everything from yoga revolutions to freedom revolutions, special living master clubs, conscious being blah blah blah-di-blah. Do we need to label This? Do we need to box it in again and create some special kind of movement?

This can’t be sold.

This can’t be conceptualized.

This can’t be turned into a special club.

This isn’t special or only available to a few.

This is free. Always will be. Noone else has it and can give it to you. Thank God.

This can’t be spoken. Or expressed in words. It has to be experienced… and even that is saying too much.

Can you be still enough for once in your life … to touch This…to feel This… to experience This? to BE This.

Or do you run off in another direction… something new to study? A new business idea to explore? A special club or movement to form? A way to “know” the unknowable… impossible.

It will always be This. Nothing else and everything else.



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