The Gift of Ujjayi


  • Would you like to have more energy, rising and shining at 5am (if you wanted to)?!
  • How would it feel to have a serene and calm mind?
  • Or are you pregnant and looking for a great tool to use during your labour?

Ujjayi breathing is the greatest gift I have received from Yoga – from improving Yoga practice to gaining more energy but most important, bringing the focus in Yoga on breathing, stillness and awareness itself.

What is Ujjayi?

Ujjayi translated means “to be victorious”. It’s a form of Yogic breathing (Pranayama) but unlike other forms of Pranayama it is often done as part of your asana or Yoga practice.

Benefits of Ujjayi

  • You can hear your breathing. That means you’re more aware of your inhale and exhale and can consciously slow down the breath and let it naturally find its rhythm.
  • It is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure.
  • It helps to keep the prana flowing through the body rather than escaping from it.
  • It’s used by women in labour and is often said to be a life saver in getting through the cycle of contractions.
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps you to stay present and aware during your Yoga practice. By focusing on the breath you are less likely to be distracted by the mind and body.
  • Gives you extra energy to stay longer in poses

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