Principle 1: Give Anonymously


This is the first entry for a series on Abundance. You may like to read the blog post on Abundance vs Wealth first.

Principle 1: Give Anonymously

Steps towards abundance:

  • Consider – who or what could I support?
  • Start small. It doesn’t matter if it’s only¬†$1. Leave 10 cents/10p in charity boxes. Pay for someone’s coffee. Spend time with someone who might appreciate it right now. The point is to get used to giving your money or time freely (without expecting anything in return)!
  • Give anonymously. I see many online businesses and people playing the “social entrepreneur” or “making a difference” card! It’s not necessary, unless you’re a person who seeks credit, praise or recognition. Don’t be like this. Give anonymously where possibly.
  • Notice what feelings arise. This is INVALUABLE. For myself, it’s only when I stopped working that deep seated beliefs and fear rose to the surface (and I didn’t think I had abundance issues!) Don’t shy away from these. Face them. Sit in the fire and feel it. Others may APPEAR abundant with a house, savings, “security”, possessions and so on, but it’s often sitting on top of a fire of fear, insecurity and limiting beliefs. That’s not a free way to be or live.

Choose Freedom. Start giving. See what happens ūüôā

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