Divine Action vs Activity


There is a world of difference between “Divine Action” vs “Activity”.

We have been taught as children and through our education systems, books and even many coaching programmes out there that “you must take action”. Even for myself, people sometimes say “you should take more action.”


I question this approach. Again, it comes back to the question that ends all questions – Who must take more action?

Activity is:

  • something a person needs to do
  • forced
  • coming from a busy mind
  • a reaction to a restless state
  • a trap and great avoidance strategy!
  • stale (comes from a list of “to do’s” that the mind wrote down, sometimes from two days ago!)
  • a distraction from your true Self

Divine Action:

  • arises spontaneously
  • has no “do-er”
  • comes from a silent mind
  • is not preceded by a thought “I must take action”
  • flows effortlessly
  • is synchronistic
  • is done with presence
  • is fresh

Activity will get you nowhere, even though on the surface, it may appear that you are getting results, ticking off your “to-do lists” or achieving success and so on. The Ego loves this! Be mindful… it’s ultimately delaying you from true freedom.

Start to discern the difference.

Are your actions based on activity or divine action?

Tips for bringing more divine action into your life:

  1. Start observing when you’re in activity vs divine action. Stop writing to do lists coming from the mind!
  2. Meditate first and THEN…see what arises. Before meditation, you may have a list of “10 things to do today”. After meditation, you simply start doing whatever arises naturally. Your being simply guides you.
  3. Contemplate. Ask WHO needs to act? Be clear about this.


Remember: An achievement of ten “to do’s” coming from a place of activity is nothing compared to one action that arises spontaneously.


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