Abundance vs Wealth

To begin, let’s define Abundance vs Wealth/Money.

Abundance is defined as having “a great amount” and “fullness to overflowing”.

Wealth is having “a large amount of money and valuable material possessions” or “the state of being rich”.


As someone who had money and valuable material possessions (houses, car, nice things), I know what it’s like to have money or feel, relatively speaking, wealthy. I also know it didn’t bring me true happiness, security or freedom.

  • Wealth/Money is a “state” that comes and goes. It may buy you temporary happiness or “freedom” in the sense of being able to buy what you want, go where you like, but eventually that too wears off and you’re back where you started. Money or possessions can never provide the overflowing feeling of love, peace and joy that abundant living can.
  • On the contrary, abundance is always overflowing and unlimited. There is always enough. It doesn’t come and go.

I posted this on Facebook the other day,

“If you focus on wealth or money, you will always feel you never have enough. Wealth and money belong to a person. Shift your reality to abundance and there is always more than enough. 🙂 ” — Kristina Hart

The need for wealth or money is driven by fear and desire, including even the desire to make a difference… all arising from a PERSON.

Abundance, on the other hand, is love itself. It embraces the universal BEING.

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