Get More Done in Less Time

Your time is precious… do you use it wisely?

Whether you’re running or setting up a new business, organizing a household or perhaps even juggling multiple roles, we all share one thing:

24 hours in a day!

There are days when we feel overwhelmed, as if time is NOT on our side and we can’t bring ourselves to focus on getting one simple task done. We’re out of flow… lack focus and can literally be all over the show! I have observed for myself that on these days, I have usually jumped into action or task before taking time to connect with myself first.

I’ve written before about valuing your timelessness not just your time! When we operate from a place of timeless being, actions flow effortlessly, we accomplish things easily and what’s more, we enjoy the ever precious present moment unfolding in front of us. So what’s the secret?



Yes! Slow down. In fact, it was my sister who gave me this advice recently when I was trying to figure out some technical aspects on my website.

Tips – How to get more done in less time!

  • Make meditation a priority!
    • Discover your timeless nature FIRST and then… update your website, phone your clients, take care of your children/husband/partner/others.
  • Limit your distractions.
    • Life provides ample opportunities for distractions these days – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, iPad, iPhone, texting, emailing, surfing the web … the list goes on! Value yourself by giving yourself zero interruption time.
  • Clarity.
    • When we know what we want, it’s easy to devise a way to get it. If you don’t have clarity, wait until you do. This is SO important and will save you lots of YOUR precious time. Sometimes slowing down or waiting is a better strategy than jumping into action that lacks focus or clarity.
  • First things First.
    • I read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Successful People years ago and while I don’t remember all the 7 habits, I clearly remember and started implementing this one habit into my life. First things first. Sounds simple but do you actually do it? We are creatures of habit and it’s easy to do what we like rather than what we need to do.
  • Reward yourself.
    • I’m a big fan of celebrating daily life. Set yourself small goals and then reward yourself when you’ve completed it. It’s simple but it works. The human brain is wired for praise and positive reinforcement!
  • Work Smarter, not Harder.
    • We know that this is the strategy that separates the wealthy and successful from the rest. They simply work smarter, not harder. It reminds me of the saying – “where there’s effort, there’s Ego”. You can easily recognize the ego at work – it shows up as “no one else can do this as good as me”, “I’m working such long hours to get everything done.”, “I don’t need help from others.” and so on. Simply notice when you’re in this space and then let it go.

and remember… the NOW is always more beautiful than where you think you might be going!

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  1. Thank you! This is perfect for me right now – and simple and to the point.

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